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Excellent article on grooming the griffon

White paper written with the analysis of the tan point issue

Other Genuine Korthals Griffon websites - please note that the definition of what is considered authentic differs by country. The KGCA policy is that a genuine Korthals griffon does not have any evidence of the outcross within a 10 generation pedigree.


German Korthals Griffons

French Authentic Korthals Griffons

General Health and Genetics

Korthals Griffon Health and Genetics

Breeding Better Dogs

Canine Health Information Center

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation

Cornell University Baker Institute for Animal Health

University of California Davis, Genetics Laboratory

PubMed (NIH article search)

Cornell Vet Med Consultant

University of Tennessee Veterinary Medicine Library

Canine Sports Productions

iKnowledgeNow Veterinary Library

University of Pennsylvania (PennHip)

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)

Genetic Test Listing - AKC Canine Health Foundation

Tan Point/K Locus - VetGen - note that the KGCA does not recognize that a dog tested as KBKB as a genuine Korthals Griffon. ALL genuine Korthals Griffons are indeed KBKB but not all KBKB tested dogs are genuine Korthals Griffon according to the KGCA. Also the genetic tests for breed are not relevant because the breed baseline was contaminated with the hybrid testing before the realization of where the outcross occurred.


Emergency Resources

Vet info 

CPR for Dogs

ASPCA Poison Control Center or call 1-800-548-2423


Basic Genetics

University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center

Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium

Basic Principles of Genetics

Pedigree Database

Article on AKC stud book



Videos of the Gryphon Ranch Training group - this is not the ONLY way to train a griffon but sure has worked for every griffon in the group

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)

Puppy Temperament Testing


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